The Blue Sky Tower revolutionizes the interplay between business and entertainment.

You will no longer wonder where to book a hotel room for the important potential partner from abroad.

You will no longer need to think twice about where to entertain your client for a business lunch or enjoy an after-work cocktail.

You will have the Blue Sky Tower meeting facilities to make that conference meeting and you can trust us to organize your company anniversary.

Everything is in place, eve n the workout in the gym.

Other Properties

The offices at the Blue Sky Tower are designed to give a sense of endless space and light with floor-to-ceiling glass window and are equipped with state-of-the art facilities and equipment to meet the ever higher standards of the modern business enterprise.

  • Glass curtain wall
  • Hotspot Area
  • Concrete framed with escort base building in fill walling
  • UB central grid, Independent back-up power generator
  • Adjustable heating, Central air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • UB central network, 24 hour hot and cold water supply

You will be particularly attracted by the dramatic view, quality materials and finishes and flexible layouts of the Blue sky Tower offices.

With full range of amenities, we offer maximum convenience and functionality to meet every need of a dynamic enterprise.